about archer and owl

Archer and Owl began with my young son and his struggles with sensitive skin and eczema. Terrycloth and even baby washcloths were too rough for him, especially during harsh Michigan winters. Having struggled with sensitive skin and rosacea my whole life, I understood. (Sorry for passing that along, buddy!) I looked everywhere I could think of. I couldn’t find anything that was eco-friendly, easily reusable, durable and gentle enough to not irritate his sensitive skin. 

I decided to create my own solution. Having sewn my whole life, I know fabric. After months of searching and many almost-but-not-quite options, I found one material that met my criteria. It was petal-soft, yet strong. It machine-washed beautifully and felt amazing.  My son loved it. I finally had something that I could use and recommend. 

Then…I started using them on my face and I could not believe the improvement I saw in my skin. Several people asked what I had changed in my routine. In consultation with an expert aesthetician, the Cloths were finalized. She began to use them in her facial treatments and her clients noticed an improvement to an already stellar procedure. I knew I had to make them available to everyone - adults as well as children of all ages.