We walked to the ends of the earth to find a cloth that can be used on the most sensitive of skins.

Archer and Owl Ends of the Earth Cloths provide deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation without the typical irritation. They are appropriate for use on all skin types and can be easily added to any skincare routine 




• For best results, start each morning with a fresh Archer and Owl Cloth - Face or Travel size. 

• Wet Cloth with warm water, lay Cloth over your face, and then remove.

• Gently massage your preferred cleanser into your skin.

• Rewet Cloth and use to gently stroke from the midline of your face outwards.

• Start at your forehead and cleanse your face, neck and décolletage.

• Repeat with same Cloth in the evening.

• Pat dry with an Archer and Owl Hand Towel.

• Repeat if you use the double cleanse method. 




• For best results, start each evening with a fresh Archer and Owl Travel Cloth.

• Apply small amount of your preferred eye makeup remover to Cloth or eyes.

• Gently remove eye makeup using both sides of Cloth.

• Rinse eye area and pat dry with an Archer and Owl Hand Towel.




• Wash prior to first use. As products are made with 100% organic cotton materials, please expect a 5% shrinkage with the first wash. The cloths and squares are cut generously to account for this natural shrinkage.

• Machine wash on warm and dry on low. We recommend washing with towels or bedding to keep the Cloths moving.

• Consider placing Travel Cloths in small delicates wash bag during dryer cycle.