what people are saying about Archer and Owl Ends of the Earth Cloths

As someone who has struggled with combination skin my whole life, it’s been hard to find a cloth that doesn’t cause redness, breakouts, or dryness. Archer and Owl cloths have changed my skin care routine! They are gentle enough to not cause irritation, but also very effective in removing impurities.
— Mimi B., East Grand Rapids, Michigan

I love the softness of the eye pads, and the luxury of the face cloths; my skin has never felt softer. I used to throw out hundreds off disposal cotton pads every year - I love that these are earth-friendly and easy to wash.
— Liz S., Washington, D.C.

These clothes are the perfect addition to my skin care routine! I can use them every day, twice day, and they leave my sensitive skin soft and refreshed. Not raw and red like regular wash cloths.
— Amy J., East Grand Rapids, MI

My skin feels so indulged when I use Archer & Owl cloths.  Every alternative now seems harsh and abrasive. There is a visible difference, but the best part is how wonderful the cloths feel when they touch my skin. I thought redness and roughness was inevitable, but Archer & Owl cloths make caring for my face pure pleasure.
— Christina W., Ann Arbor, Michigan

I’ll admit, I’m not someone who spends a lot of time or money on facial care.  So I was actually kind of surprised when I noticed how much I liked the Archer & Owl cloths.  They provide the perfect combination of gentle exfoliation and absorbency.  I notice when I’m out of town and don’t have them with me—they really do make a difference.
— Beverly R., Grand Rapids, Michigan

I am so glad that I purchased the Archer and Owl face cloths. They are super soft, comfortable on my skin, and they make me feel like I am getting a facial at home. I also love that I can re-use them! I have gotten them as gifts for several friends.
— Emma H., New Orleans, Louisiana